Selected Concert Works

Dramatic Works

The Tyburn Tree
Progressive (2014) 1h
libretto: Marc Almond, Tom Pickard, Iain Sinclair, William Blake, John Dee
Male Vocal/Flexible Ensemble

The Ballad of Jamie Allan
Opera (2004) 1h 20'
libretto: Tom Pickard
alto, baritone, Northumbrian pipes
1(pic, afl).1(bcl).0.0./

Angel Magick
Opera (1997) 1h 15'
libretto: David Pountney
soprano, 2 countertenors, low contralto, baritone, actor
0.0.0+4sx(4cl).0/ hpd/kbd.egtr.bgtr/4perc/lute/6viols/
prepared tape/sound operator


Saxophone Concerto (2016) 23'
Soprano Saxophone

Polar - The Song of the Arctic
Orchestral Work (2010) 6'

Oratorio (2009) 29'
text: Matthew Harle
Mixed Chorus,

Saxophone Concerto (2009) 14'
saxophone (alto)
Symphonic Wind Orchestra

The Little Death Machine
Saxophone Concerto (2006) 19'
saxophone (soprano/sopranino)

Vocal/Orchestral Suite (1998) 35'
2 sopranos/saxophone

Hymn to the Sun
Saxophone Solo (1997) 5'
saxophone (soprano)

Rosie Blood
Vocal/Orchestral Work (1996) 23'
Mixed Chorus, 8sx/2tbn.btbn/2perc/kbd/hp

The Three Ravens
Song Cycle (Text - Trad.) (1996) 19'
soprano/saxophone (soprano)

The Golden Demon
Saxophone Concerto (1995) 25'
saxophone (soprano/alto)

Terror and Magnificence
Ensemble Work (1995) 23'
sop/alto sax/sop/tenor sax/tape

The Secret Life of Madame Sauvage
Ensemble Work (1993) 18'
0.1.0+asx.0/4.4.3+btbn.1/2perc/ 2hp/tape

Saxophone Solo (1991) 6'
saxophone (soprano)

Choral Works

City Solstice
(2010) 19'
text: Tom Pickard
s trebles/countertenor/saxophone (soprano) Chorus SATB/Organ

Royal Ring Road
(2005) 7'
text: Iain Sinclair
6 Male Voices

Mrs Beeton's Christmas Plum Pudding
(2003) 6'
text: Charlotte Cory
Chorus SATB/2 actors (m/f)

Dear Willoughby
(1998) 7'
text: David Pountney
Chorus SATB/Hunting Horn

Chamber Works

Songs of Earth and Alchemy
Progressive (2014) 40'
libretto: John Harle
Solo saxophone, solo soprano voice
Flexible Ensemble

Chamber Trio (2012) 23'
Violin, Soprano Saxophone, Piano

A Painted Life
Music from 'Lucian Freud - A Painted Life' (BBC2) (2012) 17'
Soprano Voice, Soprano Saxophone, Piano, String Quartet, Bass Guitar

Saxophone Solo (2012) 8'
Soprano Saxophone and Electronics

The Pied Piper
Saxophone Solo (2012) 12'
text: Robert Browning
Soprano Saxophone/Electronics

St George and the Dragon
(2010) 25'
text: Adrian Henri
baritone/mezzo soprano cl.bcl.asx/pf

The Little Death Machine
(2005) 19'
sax 4tet/tape

Hunting the Hare
(1996) 8'
2 sax/kbd

The Shadow of the Duke
(1988) 7'
soprano/soprano sax/pf

Miles and Miles
(1985) 20'
brass 5tet/perc

The Bell Jar
(1985) 20'
4 soprano saxophones

(1980) 13'
sax 4tet